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The Last 5 Years

June 7  at 7 pm
June 8 at 7 pm - Pay-What-You-Can Performance
June 9 at 2 pm

Welcome to the world of "The Last Five Years," a mesmerizing musical experience that has captivated audiences worldwide. Jason Robert Brown's Drama Desk Award winner has not only achieved acclaim for its innovative storytelling but has also left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape.

This extraordinary musical has transcended boundaries, with translations into multiple languages and a prominent place on TIME Magazine's prestigious list of the ten best shows in 2001. Its enduring popularity and regional success led to a celebrated Off-Broadway revival at Second Stage in 2013, further solidifying its place in the hearts of theater enthusiasts.

In 2014, "The Last Five Years" took its poignant narrative to the silver screen, featuring acclaimed performances by Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan in a film adaptation that brought the story to a broader audience.

At its core, this emotionally charged and intimate musical unravels the complex love story of two New Yorkers in their twenties over the span of five pivotal years. The unconventional structure of the show presents Cathy, the woman, narrating her tale in reverse, while Jamie, the man, unfolds his story chronologically. The two characters' paths intersect just once, at their wedding, providing a unique and profound perspective on love, life, and the human experience.

Join us on a journey through time, love, and artistry as we explore the magic of "The Last Five Years.

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