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Stars of the North
Broadway Workshop


July 26, 27, 28,

August 2, 3, 4


Vermilion Fine Arts Theater

1900 East Camp Street

Ely, Mn 55731


12 PM to 3 PM



Thanks to grants from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council and the Donald G. Gardner Humanities Trust.

Stars Of The North Broadway Work Shop is a 6-day workshop for youth ages 8 -18. Our Professional Summer Theater Company leads this workshop. They will help participants gain confidence and poise as they learn the fundamentals of Theatre. This workshop will also allow the youth to perform with and alongside professional actors from around the country as they rehearse a couple of numbers showcased in our Broadway in the Boundary Water's Gala on August 4 and 5th.

* Thanks to the generosity y of our community at the Dancing With The Ely Stars Fundraiser, we were able to lower the cost and make this program more accessible to everyone!  

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