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The purpose of the Northern Lakes Arts Association is to support and develop the arts - visual, performing, and literary - in order to enrich the quality of life in Ely and the surrounding area.


Our association promotes the arts in the area by:

  1.  Providing the opportunity for experiences in the arts for area residents.

  2. Expanding arts education opportunities in the schools, college, and community.

  3.  Developing the arts as an economic resource. 

  4. Encouraging the artistic heritage of the area's ethnic traditions.

  5. Cooperating with individual artists, groups of artists, and citizens interested in the arts.


Our association serves as a resource for local artists by providing:

    1. A network for communication and collaboration,

    2. Support in making works of art public,

    3. Assistance in seeking funding for arts projects,

    4. Educational opportunities.

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