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The pandemic may have stopped gatherings BUT it did NOT stop ART.

We may not have been able to have a Fall Show or a Spring Musical but look at all the wonderful art happening in Ely!

MSO 2020-2021.jpg

The Mesabi Symphony Orchestra has many great musical events happening. Check out their Facebook to learn more.

The Ely Artwalk was able to put on a fabulous show this year. Check out the wonderful artwork and a virtual walking tour on their website and Facebook. 

Reflections 2021 Show.jpg
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Ely Winterfest.png

Reflections Dance Company was able to put on their Home On Earth performance, even though it looked different due to COVID. 

You can find information on their Facebook about upcoming classes and shows.

The Ely Winter Festival was able to  happen despite the pandemic, although it looked a little different. You can see the ice sculptures, activities, and more information on their website and Facebook.  

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