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Scholarship Application for Youth Art Experiences.

The Northern Lakes Arts Association is proud to offer scholarships to students and families who may be facing financial challenges, ensuring that they can access our diverse array of programs. The Youth Art Fund Scholarship initiative exemplifies NLAA's unwavering commitment to making high-quality art education both accessible and affordable. Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of need and merit.


Our scholarships provide coverage for either 50% or 100% of participation fees. It's important to keep in mind that our scholarship funds are limited in quantity, and meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee the receipt of a scholarship award.


These scholarships are made possible through the invaluable support of NLAA's dedicated membership base and the generous contributions from our local community. We cordially invite you to join us in advocating for the arts by making a donation to our Youth Arts Fund today. Your support can truly make a profound difference in the lives of aspiring artists and their families.


We accept scholarship applications on an ongoing basis; that being said, we highly recommend applying for scholarships up to two months before the program starting to allow time for the decision-making process to occur.  Upon receiving applications, our Executive Artistic Director will compile them for consideration during our monthly board meetings, where scholarship recipients will be determined.

The application information is confidential.




Which Of The Following Best Describes The Student's Race/Ethnicity?
Has/Does Anyone In Your Household Serve In The Military?

Parent/Guardian Contact Information

Consent and Acknowledgement

In consideration of my child’s participation in programs provided by the Northern Lakes Arts Association, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Northern Lakes Arts Association, its affiliates, employees, and agents from any and all liability resulting from my child’s participation in such programs or other activities, including liability arising from negligence or medical expenses. I also release the Northern Lakes Arts Association and its affiliates, employees, and agents from any negligence or other claims resulting from my child’s participation.

I acknowledge that the Northern Lakes Arts Association does not provide medical insurance coverage for my child, and I understand that any medical expenses incurred will be the responsibility of my own medical insurance or myself.

I hereby grant permission for my child to participate in all activities organized by the Northern Lakes Arts Association.

I provide consent for the Northern Lakes Arts Association to retain and use my child’s photo and/or likeness without any remuneration or compensation.

I authorize the staff of the Northern Lakes Arts Association to administer immediate and emergency medical treatment, including (1) transporting my child to a hospital emergency room or (2) calling the local rescue squad or ambulance as deemed necessary.

Cancellation Policy

Scholarship recipients who cancel less than 7 days before camp/class starts (exception for emergencies and illness) will not be considered for future opportunities. 


Scholarship recipients who only attend the program partially with no notice or explanation will not be considered for future opportunities.

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