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Ely Mural Project

Embarking on the Ely Mural Project signifies our unwavering dedication to carrying forth the remarkable legacy of Greenstone Arts.

Over the next half-decade, our mission is clear: to adorn Ely with at least one breathtaking mural annually. We firmly believe that this vibrant community is a treasure trove of narratives waiting to be immortalized upon its very walls.

We invite you to embark on this transcendent journey with us, as we unveil the untold tales of Ely's soul. Our initial brushstrokes will adorn the esteemed grounds of Ely School, marking the genesis of a colorful metamorphosis.

If your heart resonates with the desire to contribute to this awe-inspiring canvas, click the button below, and let your creativity shape the story of Ely, Minnesota.

Thanks for submitting!

ELY MURAL-2-2.png
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